Peter Landgren

Title : Founder

Education : Master degree in Law (Jur. Kand. / LLM), Stockholm University 1983, Economic Studies Stockholm University 1982

Areas of expertise : Civil Law , Administrative Law , Family law , Commercial Law

+46 8 665 35 75


Peter who founded Attorney has extensive experience of a wide range of private and business issues and related legal issues in the areas of Business Law, Civil Law, Contract Law.

As a lawyer and business partner, Peter has been working with all  issues related to corporate law and development company’s complex decision-making.

In addition, Peter have been working with civil cases, where both human and legal issues where complex.

Both before and during his work in Attorney, Peter was working as a hired “troubled CEO” in a number of privately-owned, listed and public SME:s, in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, the United States and most recently in Hong Kong.

These experiences was the basis for Peter through his involvement in Attorney and with Attorney’s clients, but also as an international lecturer in Management Center Europe in Brussels as well as in the American Management Association where he now educate corporate boards and management teams.

In addition to Swedish, Peter speaks English and German.

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