Olga Rosenqvist, Associate


Master of Law degree from the University of Stockholm, (2013)

In addition to her Swedish Law degree Olga also has a Law degree from Russia.

Olga Rosenqvist assists Attorneys other lawyers, as well as clients, in Civil Law disputes; mainly Labor Law, claims disputes and custody disputes. Olga Rosenqvist has experience from negotiating with labor unions and other organizations.

Olga Rosenqvist also has working experience from compensation claims disputes against airline companies, in a joint assignment between Attorney and the German company RefundMe, where she was responsible for cases that covered all the Nordic countries.

For most part of her working career Olga Rosenqvist has worked as a corporate lawyer, both in Sweden and Russia. As corporate lawyer she covers all legal issues with the companies, focusing mainly on international and Swedish contract law, Trademark Law, Market Law and Consumer Law. Olga Rosenqvist also has experience from Migration Law.

Olga Rosenqvist is also appointed by the Swedish Migration office as public counsel and undertakes cases from the Swedish migration office.

Olga Rosenqvist speaks fluent Swedish, Russian and English.