§ 1. General

§ 1.1 These terms and conditions is effective for all services rendered by Attorney Esq. AB, (“Attorney”) our affiliates, stake holders, partners, employees and partners (individually or jointly named Attorney, us or we).

§ 1.2 It is expected that clients who contact and engage Attorney to perform services have been reading and agreed to these terms and conditions and the payment procedures outlined in our Code of Conduct, including but not limited to Attorney’s fees, billing procedures, and conditions of payment. Please note that fees for legal advice could be high if a client does not have insurance or other financial backing.

§ 1.3 To be valid any and all deviation from these terms and conditions must be agreed in written form.

§ 1.4 When Attorney is appointed as a legal representative through a written Power of Attorney , we are then granted the right to take whatever measures that we assume are necessary or desirable for a successful resolution of the matter at hand.

§ 1.5 Attorney do not accept any responsibility for damages that arise as a result of our advice, work or other fulfillment of the obligations we considered necessary to perform for the client.

§ 1.6 We communicate with clients in various ways including through the Internet and via e-mail. We cannot accept any responsibility for any leakage of information or any other risks this might involve.

§ 1.7 Clients may freely use the results of our work for the purpose intended in the Power of Attorney. However we retain any and all intellectual rights including but not limited to copyright and other immaterial rights to all work produced.

§ 2. Identification and Personal Information

§ 2.1 We are bound by law to check identity of our clients and when necessary the owners of corporate entities. Furthermore we are obliged to appropriately inform ourselves of the nature of the matter at hand. In certain cases the origin of funds and other resources must be made clear to us before our work may begin.

§ 2.2 Any suspicion of money-laundering, funding of terrorism, or other illegal activities must be reported to the police.

§ 3. Extent and Limitation of Responsibility

§ 3.1 Attorney is insured in accordance with the current recommendations of the Swedish Bar Association.

§ 3.2 Attorney’s responsibility for damages resulting from neglect or errors made from our side are in each case limited to the amount stated in our insurance, or if lower, our fee for the assignment in question.

§ 3.3 Claims and complaints concerning – for example invoices – shall be submitted via e-mail to contact@attorney.se as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after the date of our most recent invoice for said assignment.

§ 4. Our Code of Conduct

Attorney’s Code of Conduct❠is a statement of our intent and an ethical ambition. It is not to be considered as a binding agreement but rather as the manner in which we wish our legal team and partners to work and act in their undertakings with clients.

§ 5. Changes

The general terms and conditions are from time to time subject to change. Our current version can be found by clicking on the tab “General Conditions” at our web site www.attorney.se